Harvesting hope, promoting growth

Our nature-based approach makes a valuable difference to
children’s trauma recovery while enhancing their learning experience.

About our care farms

Triskele Farm and Chipley Mill Farm offer a very special environment of calm, which is predictable and encourages children and young people to join together to complete tasks, to learn how to solve problems they face whilst providing care and nurture to animals and the land.

We aim to arouse curiosity, revive hope, inspire learning, and facilitate children to reclaim their lives through promoting growth and recovery in traumatised children.

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Children who have experiences trauma often don’t remember anybody they felt safe with, being with a range of animals, large and small, may be much safer than dealing with other human beings. We have seen these growing bonds with our animals assist children to feel safe enough to begin to relate other adults in their life, i.e carer, teacher, therapist.

Daily life provides a strong sense of purpose and belonging, assisting in working with children with attachment difficulties and those with traumatic backgrounds. By allowing the body to have experiences that deeply contradict the helplessness and rage that result from trauma enables children and young people to regain self-mastery, be in the present moment rather than dwell in the painful past.

Please visit our Trauma Recovery Services site for more information on this particular service.

Outdoor learning isn’t a subject or a topic, it’s a way of teaching. Our Care Farms offer ‘hands-on’ learning and accreditation opportunities for children that are struggling to achieve and enjoy in a more formal education setting.

Our Care Farm environments successfully re-engage children with their learning, shows their capabilities and importantly changes their relationship with their own learning from one of failure to one of success.

We strongly believe that all our young people should be given opportunities to achieve nationally recognised awards, accreditation and qualification through their work and experiences and work on the farm and, as such, offer:

  • Land Based Study – BTEC and Functional Skills, NPTC – Entry Levels 2 & 3
  • Skills for Working Life – ASDAN, Entry Level 2 & 3
  • Horticulture and Conservation – AQA and Entry Level 2 & 3

The Enhanced Children’s Services Group have exceptional experience of working with children that may be looked after, either in residential care or foster families. These children are at greater risk of experiencing multiple placement breakdowns and neither talking nor drug therapies have proven entirely satisfactory.

We support both the child, their carers and the team around the child by providing diverse service. This can include respite for the carers and the child, day programmes for those children that have an urgent need for intervention, restorative work between the child and the carer, therapeutic intervention and an alternative learning environment.

We understand the challenges that working with trauma affected children can pose. We therefore see the Care Farms as important parts of the comprehensive support offered to those adults that do be it in the home, the school or the community.

We have been excited by our experience of success of supporting adults that work with distressing and challenging behaviour presentation at the Care Farms, changing the dynamic of the relationship between the child and the care giver/teacher by joint working, problem solving and just by having fun. These experiences, together with reflective supervision provide carers with the illustration that, with a different, informed and considered approach the child can and wants to have change in their life and their feelings.

The tranquil and beautiful farms have been enjoyed on a leisure basis for carers through our family days, farm days and activities.

Who we are

Triskele and Chipley Mill Farm are part of the ECS Group, a long established, well regarded provision offering a range of children’s services and a team that has strong experience and skills working with children who have a variety of care needs including, those that have experienced trauma, learning disability, educational exclusion, high risk behaviours and mental health issues.

Our programmes
and activities

As working farms, our activities are diverse and offer a range of services and oportunities including:

Equine assisted learning and horse management

  • Animal care
  • Horticulture learning and therapy
  • Cooking and understanding healthy living
  • Accredited learning programmes
  • Specific and day projects including bushcraft, lambing, falconry and nature arts and crafts


Our Care Farms are accredited with CEVAS (Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme), a nationally recognised accreditation scheme with the OCN (Open College Network) and the Code of Practice is rigorously followed together with robust Health & Safety Policies, procedures and monitoring.





Our policies

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